July 3 – 9

Photo of the week:


Happy robot, concerned robot

This week’s photos can be found here. (Note that we dropped the camera at the zoo last week, so I only have phone photos.)

I’m in more of a hurry than usual this week, so I apologize in advance for the lack of detail.

This week’s biggest news: We cut Quincy’s hair! I’ve been actively resisting a cut because I love his curls, but it got to the point where keeping it just didn’t make sense any more. It was a lot of work to keep it up, and the poor boy is tenderheaded (like his mom and sister). Every morning, he screamed through the combing, no matter how much conditioner/detangler we used or how gentle we tried to be.

Adam did the cut, and, aside from a bit of crying during the initial pick-out (and bit of squirming during the final shaping phase, he did pretty well. Rosa and I were more upset than he was. For months, Rosa has gotten upset at the mere mention of a haircut for Quincy, and when we finally decided to do it, she screamed her head off. (I managed to calm her down before the cut started, but she was still skeptical.) Rosa is a person who does not like change. She ended up loving her baby brother’s new ‘do, thank goodness. It took me a few days to get used to my new boy, but of course he’s still adorable. And mornings are much, much easier these days.

Haircut 1


Haircut 2


The biggest news as far as the kids are concerned is the new dinosaur shower curtain for their bathroom. All four of us love it, which in itself is a reason to celebrate.

Adam was home on Monday and Tuesday, and it was great to have so many days of family time. On Tuesday, we took the bus to Vios, a nice Greek restaurant on Capitol Hill that has a kids area. It was a lovely day, which I think confused our little Seattle natives. On the walk from the bus stop to the restaurant, Rosa exclaimed, “Look Mommy, blue sky and no clouds!” (On the Fourth of July, when we were outside weeding, she complained of being hot. After a while she asked, “Mommy, when is it going to stop sunning?”)

My first week at work went pretty well. I’ve got a ton to do in not enough time, but that’s pretty much the nature of every aspect of my life. My coworkers are great, and the job seems fun. It’s hard being away from the kids for so many hours at a time, but it certainly makes me cherish the days I do have with them.

What Quincy’s into these days:

Spelling his name. At first he said, “Tincy: Q-U-I-N-C-Y. Woda: Q-U-I-N-C-Y” but now he’s starting to get Rosa’s name right, too.

Coloring. When he’s not putting the writing untensils in his mouth, he does enjoy scribbling on paper. If you ask him what he’s making, he’ll say, “Q-U-I-N-C-Y.”

Potty/underwear. Quincy is now aware that everyone in the house wears “undies”—except him. He’s started saying, “Tincy wear undies, too.” When we’re home, and he’s awake, I let him wear training pants, but he doesn’t yet have the concept of using the potty every time he has to go. For him it’s more about when he feels like it.

Singing (still). Quincy loves to sing songs and have other people sing to him. He can sing many songs (usually after hearing them only once or twice), including the alphabet song, Happy Birthday, Row Your Boat, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and several songs from Mandarin class. I’ll try to record and post a video of him singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. It’s amazing.

Swinging (still). His new favorite thing is an “undadod” [underdog].

What Rosa’s into these days:

Her new summer camp. She love, love, loves the themes (this week, it was pirates), the toys, and Miss Christine.

Watering/tending the plants in the house and yard (still). Her cosmos have tons of blooms now, and her spider plant is going strong.

The Cricket in Times Square. This is a chapter that she and I have been reading together. It’s about three animal friends who live in the Times Square subway station. It’s written for elementary school kids and is obviously somewhat beyond her comprehension level, but she picks up a good deal and remembers everything from one day to the next. The themes are mostly appropriate for her age, and the stuff she doesn’t understand sparks interesting discussions.

Princesses. We’ve done just about everything we can do to keep the whole (Disney) Princess Explosion out of our house, but Rosa really does like anything to do with princesses. We want to allow her to like what she likes and not feel judged for it, but on the other hand, we’re not going to start buying her a bunch of pink, sparkly plastic stuff just because it’s out there. (I especially have a problem with little girls associating feminity with looking pretty and not really doing anything.) We do have a basket of dress-up clothes (with some of my old stuff and other random odds and ends) that she can use to pretend to be whatever she wants, and sometimes, during Quincy’s nap, I paint her toenails (pink, of course) in what she thinks of as princess style. She also likes to draw and read about princesses and play with the Snow White doll at Miss Christine’s.

Death and dying. Rosa has lots of questions about who’s going to die and when. Sometimes, her thought processes manifest themselves in amusing ways. Friday night, at bedtime, after complaining that Quincy had messed with something she had set up a certain way, she said, “If Quincy dies before I do, then I can have everything all to myself!” Of course, we had to have a discussion about how people we love (especially brothers) are more important than things, and she seemed to understand. Yesterday, she redeemed herself somewhat by saying, “When Quincy dies, I’ll help him get to Heaven.”

Swinging on the bars at the playground. She’s not big enough or strong enough to do it herself, but she always asks for help practicing.


Angel girl

Getting ready to practice her "big girl" skills

On our Friday outing with Kelley and Evan, we visited the Hooes’ new house. They just closed on a home on Lake Washington and got the keys over the holiday weekend. They have a beautiful view and a dock and a lovely backyard, so we plan to spend a lot of time there this summer. It’s possible to walk to their place from ours (and I always prefer to when the weather is nice), but it takes a pretty long time, and the way back is straight uphill. The good news is, one of our regular buses stops right nearby.

On Saturday, we took the whole crew to the Science Center. The trip was fun, except that Quincy vomited on the bus on the way over. (It was motion sickness; I wrote about it on my bus blog.) Also, Rosa is now terrified of the lifelike dinosaurs she used to love, so we spent a lot of time avoiding that room. (Adam and Quincy visited by themselves, but Rosa wouldn’t even walk near it.) After the Science Center, we went outside to eat a picnic lunch near the International Fountain and stumbled upon a Bastille Day celebration. All of us enjoyed the live music, and Rosa enjoyed her very first ice cream cone (previous treats have been in a cup or on a stick) without any major mishaps.

One more funny story before I sign off: On Tuesday, I took Rosa and Quincy to the park to meet up with her old preschool class. One of Rosa’s former classmates, a little girl named Evelyn, was swinging between Rosa and Quincy. Quincy was issuing his usual demands (“undadod!” and “higher!”), and Evelyn suddenly interrupted. “Rosa’s mommy! Rosa’s mommy! How come him can talk?!?”

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