August 7 – 20

Photo of the week(s):

Photo of the week

(Momentarily) sitting still

This report is going to cover two weeks, since I just couldn’t find time last week. (Sorry!) Here are the highlights:

• Quincy had his 18-month checkup. He weighs 24 pounds, 11 ounces (~ 31st percentile) and is 32.25 inches tall (~ 43rd percentile).

Q on stairs

Our big boy

We changed insurance this year, so we saw a different doctor than the kids are used to: Dr. Meyer. She’s great, but I do miss Dr. Danielson. Dr. Meyer was amazed at Quincy’s language skills, even though he only showed her the tiniest percentage of what he’s able to do. Funny thing: She asked him how old he was, and he got it right! (The day after I posted the last report, he learned to say his own age instead of his sister’s.) And speaking of Rosa: Adam couldn’t make it for the first part of the appointment, so I had to bring both kids. Rosa was a bit of a handful during the first part, squirming around, interrupting when I was talking to the doctor, and generally doing everything she could to get attention. She’s usually pretty cooperative when we’re out, but she can be a challenge when you can’t give her your direct attention.
Q had to get one shot at his appointment, and though he did cry, he recovered quickly. The four of us went to dinner down the street from the doctor’s office after all was said and done, even though Rosa probably hadn’t earned a trip to a restaurant.

• We completed our cat-sitting duties. Rosa misses having free reign in Lilia’s room, but she’s happy to have her friend back. (I definitely don’t miss all that time she was spending playing with Barbies.)

R with flowers

An explosion of pink: R in Lilia's tutu after picking some of her flowers

• We attended another concert at the library for the summer reading program. It was a kids’ rock group that was pretty interactive and entertaining, but neither of the kids was very into it. Rosa kept complaining that she was tired (her new thing when she doesn’t like something), and Q preferred clinging to my legs to dancing. (This is odd for Q, who will usually take any opportunity to dance.)
Our final summer reading event was a party at our local branch for all the kids who participated. Each child was called to the front and given a medal that says, “Champion Reader,” and there were games, crafts, and cake (!). The medals have a picture of the Central Library on them, and I think I like them more than the kids do.

• Jeremy ruptured his Achilles tendon for the second time in four months. Poor Jeremy! After enduring months in a wrap, cast, and then a boot, he was finally given the green light to start walking on his own again. He was going to physical therapy and making progress but somehow managed to rupture his Achilles (completely this time) when bending over to pick up a ball. He opted to have surgery this time (Joel took him on Monday) and will get another cast after he gets his stiches out on the 31st.
The second injury was a tough blow for him. Not only is it extremely painful, but it interferes with work, and, because he lives alone, basic tasks like shopping, cleaning, and eating. I went over there by myself on Saturday to check in on him and get him a few groceries, and the kids and I spent Tuesday over there. (Here are a couple of funny quotes that R and Q managed on the way over.) Both of the kids love going to Uncle Jeremy’s apartment. Rosa was especially thrilled because she got to watch four PBS shows (as opposed to her one per day at home) on his cool TV. Q napped in Jeremy’s bed while Rosa and Jeremy watched TV and I went to the store for him.
When we were leaving, Jer gave each of the kids one of his baseball hats. Now they keep asking when they can go back.

• Joel turned 30! His girlfriend, Jamie, had a surprise party for him. Unfortunately, Jeremy and Adam couldn’t make it. We couldn’t find a babysitter, so Adam stayed home with the kids, and Jeremy had injured his leg the night before and was in no condition to go anywhere. (He didn’t even have any decent painkillers yet.) Despite the absences, the party was fun, and I think Joel enjoyed himself.

• Adam and I celebrated five years of marriage. (They’ve certainly been eventful years, haven’t they?) We had our adult celebration at the Sade/John Legend concert on the 14th, so we had a “family anniversary” on the actual day. Adam took the day off, and we all went to brunch at our usual breakfast place: Hi Spot. We had dinner as a family at St. Cloud’s.

• We attended two kids’ birthday parties. The first, last Saturday, was for Adam’s friend Alex’s son Xander, who turned five. Alex’s family lives about a half mile away, so we walked to the party, and they have a nice, big yard, so we spend most of it outside. We let the kids play in the dirt and caught up with people we haven’t seen in a while: Leon, Tosha, Keith, and Brandon.

Q and O playing ball

Q and O playing ball at X-man's celebration

We had to leave the party slightly early so we could get ready to go to the concert. On the way home, Rosa said, “I can’t wait to tell Yuehong [the babysitter] about my ‘happy birthday Xander’ adventure!”
The second party was for my friend Mynique’s son Luther, who turned one. Mynique is the children’s librarian at our local branch, so Rosa and Quincy see her A LOT. Mynique and her husband also live within walking distance, and their party was also a backyard barbecue, so we got plenty of outside time. We didn’t know many people at this party, but it was nice to meet Mynique’s family and friends, and there were a lot of kids there.

That’s about it for the adventures. On to what’s going on with the little people:

Rosa has begun to express an awareness of how other people perceive her. I’m not sure how long she’s been thinking along these lines, but it’s come up a lot this week. One example: When we were at brunch on Friday morning, she and I went the restroom together. I asked her not to open the door until I was finished because it wasn’t OK for strangers to come in the restroom when I was in there. She said, “But I’m in the restroom with you,” and I said, “Yes, but you’re not a stranger; you’re my daughter.” She understood that but also added, “I’m a stranger to some people.”

After we left the restaurant, she pointed to some people walking in front of us and said, “Mommy, I’m a stranger to those people.”

R drinking milk

Is this the face of a stranger?

Rosa has also begun to focus more on the concept of recycling. At one point, one of us must have told her that to recycle something means to turn it into something else. Either we didn’t explain the interim steps or she didn’t grasp them, because she started asking things like: “Can we recycle this tissue and turn it into a Dora book?” Since then, I have tried to give her a more thorough explanation of recycling, but similar questions still come up.
Rosa and Quincy’s relationship has definitely reached a less cooperative place. He often tries to get at the stuff she’s playing with, and her response is usually to push him or yell at him or both. She also expresses—both directly and indirectly—her distaste for having him around. An example from a few days ago: “What if I had a dream that Quincy was far away, and then my dream came true?”

Rosa often tries to take the toys Quincy’s playing with (anything Q has is what she wanted or was using), so if he sees her coming after what he’s got, he’ll start screaming and try to run away. Sometimes, he’ll haul off and smack her in the face for no reason, and he still likes to pull her hair. (That was going on even when they got along famously. Q is a hair puller.) So, we spend more time running interference than we’d like. We do try to let them resolve problems without our help when possible, but we also have to correct behavior that is unacceptable. I’m hoping that things will get easier as Q becomes a little more settled and that this isn’t a sign of what their relationship will be like from now on. We shall see.

Despite all the bickering, there are still signs of love. If one does something to hurt the other, the rule is that they have to apologize. So, if we say to Q, “Quincy. That wasn’t OK. What do you say?” he’ll say, “Sorry, Rosa,” and try to hug her. Usually, she’ll hug him back and say, “I forgive you, Quincy.” This often happens the other way around as well. It’s really sweet.

Q still asks for Rosa when he wakes in the morning. He’ll walk over to her bed, give her a hug, and say, “Hi Rosa! How are you?” And sometimes, for no reason, Rosa will say, “I love Quincy.”

And on that note, love to all of you. Have a great week!

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  1. Just stopping by to say your description of their sibling-ship made me laugh. Hard.

    I’m off to attempt to recycle some leftover broccoli into some hot wings.


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