May 10th – May 20th, 2012

Photo of the week:

All gone!

What happens when the Saultwards run out of frozen yogurt

I’ve posted more photos in the May SkyDrive folder.

Hi everyone, and happy birthday in advance to Quincy’s Godfather, Isaac. We’re looking forward to seeing all of the Mberekos this summer.

I’m happy to be posting so soon after my last update; it’s easier to do these when there’s not so much to report, and I’m grateful for this passive work at the computer. My muscles are killing me after spending most of yesterday weeding. What that tells you is: 1) I haven’t done a real workout in a long time, and 2) It was really time to do some yardwork.

Last weekend, we had a fun adventure at Alki Beach. I wrote about that on my “real” blog, so I won’t repeat the information, but I will add that all of us had a wonderful time. Both kids had fun digging and collecting shells, and everyone loved the boat ride. We’re hoping to have a few more water-based adventures this summer, starting with a Victoria Clipper ride to the San Juan Islands–hopefully, sometime in the next few weeks.

We planted a new tree: a fir that we purchased last December as a potential Christmas tree. It didn’t work well for that purpose (the branches weren’t strong enough for most of the ornaments, and I was afraid being inside–and so near to the fireplace–wouldn’t be good for it), but we did decorate it with lights and put it on the front deck. We’ve kept it outside since, but it was starting to seem unhappy, so we decided to go ahead and plant it. Adam had to talk me into it; I’m not enthusiastic about anything that might interfere with the success of my precious ground cover, which still has a lot of “covering” left to do. I digress.

We planted the new tree in the northeast corner of our backyard, across from the apple tree but slightly farther back. Adam says that fir trees don’t have agressive root systems, and that their roots tend to go deep instead of spreading and destroying everything nearby. We had wanted to add a tall evergreen to our small yard, so this seemed like the perfect solution. Since we planted it on Mother’s Day weekend, we’re calling it Mother Tree, in honor of Caroline and Gail. And speaking of…

I had a lovely Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday. The kids made nice presents for me at school, church, and home. In the afternoon, Adam took everyone out to give me some time alone. I spent it reading and catching up with friends. For dinner, we walked down the street to a nearby Ethiopian restaurant. For dessert, we came home for a surprise of cupcakes and chocolate ice cream. (!)

There’s not too much other news (at least not that I’m remembering; my mind is like a sieve these days). Q figured out how to blow a whistle on one of our days together. (Up to now, he’s been putting them in his mouth and then making the sound himself.) One thing I really appreciate about Quincy is that he is willing to try until he gets something right. He listens when you give him instructions and then tries (and tries and tries) to do it the way you showed him. It’s really fun to watch him succeed.

Finally, the funny quote of the week:

One day recently, Rosa was pretending to be a pirate. (I can’t remember why now; I think she’d read a book or heard a story about pirates.) She was walking around the living room saying, “I’m a pirate! Where’s my treasure?” and eventually asked me to join in. Rosa and I both yelled, “I’m a pirate! Where’s my treasure?” for a few minutes before Q chimed in with a slightly different version: “I’m a pirate. My Treasure‘s downstairs.”

Have a good week, everyone!

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